dinsdag 27 november 2012

What to wear right now

Leather, lace, prints, and collars are so hot right now,
but stripes are also coming up so be prepared ;)
here are a few examples to inspire you

If you are going to buy one, we have a tip for you how to wear and how certainly not to wear the leather pants!

Keep the silhouette long and lean, ” says Pippa Holt, from Vogue. “Wear them skinny with a tunic top cinched in at the waist by a thin belt. Or for a soft-goth look, pair them with Jaeger London’s black fringed cape. If you’re wearing them in the evening, take inspiration from Ricardo Tisci at Givenchy and add gold chain necklaces and a jacket,” she adds.

Unless you’re a biker, don’t do double leather !

That's all for today, XOXO

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